Our Story

About the origin of the name Jan Solo a lot of theories exist yet he only truth you can find here.

We like puns a lot and at the very beginning it was just Jan so it just made sens.  We are not taking credit for this pun,  it came from the fact that Jan’s wife used this nickname “Jan solo” to mock him when he was in New Zealand for a cycling adventure and somehow the name stuck around as the only valid candidate  for this entrepreneurial adventure.

Looking back we wish we had some bold statement on “Why” I started the company however as always we ‘ll deliver the honest truth as we see it:

Why we Started Jan solo?

It was always a dream to start some kind of firm. When the Belgian law changed on may 1st of 2019 making it easy to start a company without an upfront investment we did not waste to much time to get this done.

Mainly because three insights came together with an opportunity to make the jump:
1. Jan was teaching students how to to optimize their income in a fiscal friendly way 
2. Jan was working for three different companies and had to pay way to much income taxes
3. Jan’s family was growing and needed a bigger car

And when opportunity meets chance you jump!